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Like Shining Lights in the Darkness (Part 2)

November 6, 2022 Speaker: David Oda

Passage: Titus 3:1–11

Click here for the sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on by yourself, with your family, or with your small group. 

Discussion Questions

  1. In your family, your neighborhood, and your workplace, are the people generally ‘good’ people?  How do you know?
  2. Is the Gospel only about God’s love for humanity?  Why is it necessary for a clear explanation of man’s sin against a holy God to be included in any gospel presentation? How does a correct understanding of man’s sin (your sin) make God’s love even more amazing? 
  3. What does it mean to be an heir of God?  If Christians truly understood and believed what this means, how do you think it would change the way they live? 
  4. How is it “loving” to excommunicate a member of the church who rejects Jesus and His gospel? (for additional insight, see Matthew 18:15-20)  How would you determine whether a person has rejected Christ? (for additional insight, see Matt.7:15-16; Titus 1:10-16, 3:10-11)