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Truly, God Is Good

March 26, 2023 Preacher: David Oda

Passage: Psalm 73:1–28

Click here for the sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on by yourself, with your family, or with your small group.

Discussion Questions

  1. What might cause a Christian to doubt the goodness of God?
  2. How can envy poison the human heart?  How did envy almost cause Asaph to turn away from God?
  3. Do the wicked really prosper?  Who are the wicked?
  4. What is the sanctuary of God and how did it bring Asaph back to his senses?
  5. Is there really nothing on earth that a Christian should desire besides God?  If so, explain.  If not, what else might a Christian desire besides God?