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Bearing Burdens

January 24, 2021 Speaker: Dan Wong Series: Galatians

Passage: Galatians 6:1–5

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Discussion Questions 

  1. Paul was a realist and understood that even Spirit filled believers are “works in progress” who can still periodically fall into sin. Paul encourages the Galatians that when this happens, they are to gentlyrestore the one caught in transgression.  In your opinion, what does “gentle restoration” look like?  How can we ensure that gentleness does not make light of the seriousness of sin? Why is it critical that we in the church take our brother’s and sister’s sin seriously?
  2. Pastor Dan said that when someone is caught in a transgression, there is a temptation for the restorer to sin as well. Even as we try to help others, we must guard against the danger of self-righteous pride and arrogance leading to a harsh and critical spirit.  How can you ensure that you do not fall into this kind of hypocritical self-righteousness?  How does the Gospel help you avoid this danger?
  3. Pastor Dan said that the one who really understands the Gospel is the one who desires to help others carry things that are too heavy to carry alone. When someone falls under the burden of sin, the Spirit filled believer gets under the weight of that burden with the one who has fallen, in order to help that person get restored. The conceited prideful person will not do this because they have lost sight of the gospel.  How is keeping a comfortable distance away from people at church a form of arrogance and pride?  How does this kind of attitude reveal a misunderstanding of the Gospel?  Is there a burden that God has brought to your attention, that He wants you to help carry?
  4. Pastor Dan said that “living unto God makes us test our own work more than we test anyone else’s”.  In other words, living unto God takes away the comparison game and instead makes me focus on the work God is doing in my life. In this sense, how is living unto God freeing for the believer?
  5. How does this week’s passage strengthen your understanding of the importance of the church in the life of the believer?   

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