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A Portrait and a Charge

February 28, 2021 Speaker: Dan Wong

Passage: Matthew 9:35–9:38

Click here for our sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on by yourself, with your family, or with your small group. 


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Discussion Questions

  1. Jesus went into the smallest towns to preach.  He visited with and touched the outcasts, the lepers, and the prostitutes.  It was often amongst the broken of humanity that He found the greatest faith. As we seek to minister to people, why do we find it hard to minister to the broken and downtrodden?  What will it take for you to share Jesus’ heart for the lost so that you are willing to “smell like the sheep”?
  2. Jesus ministered to the sick and poor in very tangible ways, but He knew that healing diseases and feeding empty stomachs were not man’s greatest problems. The root problem in all of creation is sin.  Not only did Jesus heal the sick and feed the hungry, but His primary ministry purpose was to proclaim the Gospel (Mark 1:38).  Why do you think some churches would rather focus most of their effort on social justice issues, or feeding the hungry, or helping the poor, rather than preaching the gospel?  How should mercy ministries (feeding the hungry and helping the poor) fit into the life of the church?
  3. When Jesus viewed the crowds of people, he saw them as harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd and He had great compassion for them.  Jesus’ ministry was one of “self forgetfulness”.  He was able to ignore the people’s rejection of Him and still love and care for them with great compassion.  How does this picture of Jesus help you to minister to people who do not treat you well?
  4. In our sermon we heard that to have a Jesus-like love and compassion for others, we must first be secure in Jesus’ love for us. Your compassion and drive to love and serve others will only happen as you dive deeper and deeper into His love for you.  Do you believe this?  Why or why not?  How can a person become more secure in Jesus’ love? 
  5. Not every Christian will be sent as a missionary to the mission field or to pastor a pastorless church.  But in our passage today, Jesus is telling all believers to pray for more laborers to be sent into the harvest.  How often do you pray for God to send more laborers into the harvest? How often do you hear others pray for this?  Why do you think praying for more laborers isn’t a higher priority in our prayer life?  How can it become so?