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An Urgent Greeting

August 16, 2020 Preacher: Dan Wong Series: Galatians

Passage: Galatians 1:1–5

Click here for our sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on yourself, with your family, or with your small group. 

Discussion Questions

  1. Pastor Dan said, “once you try to add something to Christ, you lose Christ, you lose the gospel, you lose everything.”  What do you think he meant by this?  
  2. Paul greets the Galatians by emphasizing his authority as an apostle commissioned by Jesus Christ. The early church understood that the apostles’ teaching was the same as Jesus Christ teaching them Himself. Today is no different. We must view the Scriptures as the very Word of God.  We must submit our ideas, attitudes, and habits to the authority of the Bible. If you claim to be a Christian, what does it say about your walk with the Lord if you don’t read and obey the teaching of the Bible?  If you’re living your life the way you want and are not submitting yourself to the Scriptures, would you say Christ is the Lord of your life? If not, then who is?  In whom or in what, have you placed your faith?
  3. The gospel tells us that none of us are good, righteous, or just.  We all deserve the wrath of God because we have all rejected God. In spite of this, Jesus Christ gave Himself for our sins. Why do you think Jesus chose to die in our place for our sins, rather than command us, threaten us, force us to obey him, and sin no more?  Why do you think our salvation is based only on grace alone by faith alone? 
  4. Do you think you or anyone else can do anything good enough that would contribute to the work of Christ that purchased our salvation?  How does knowing that Christ has done everything to save you, change the way you view and live your life?


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