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No Other Gospel

August 23, 2020 Speaker: Dan Wong Series: Galatians

Passage: Galatians 1:6–1:10

Click here for our sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on yourself, with your family, or with your small group. 

Discussion Questions

  1. Throughout the history of the Christian church, there have been the twin purposes of both building and guarding. The building involves the laying down of brick after brick of biblical truth and doctrine, and the guarding includes defending and protecting the gospel in the midst of much opposition.  Why do you think it is not enough to just teach the truth?  Why must Christians be vigilant to defend and protect the gospel? 
  2. The early church faced much opposition from outside the church walls, but Paul realized that the greatest danger to the church would come from the inside. False teachers were adding to the gospel by saying that Jesus Christ alone, was not sufficient for salvation. They were teaching that salvation came through Jesus Christ and good works; Jesus Christ AND circumcision; Jesus Christ AND eating kosher: Jesus Christ AND observing this law and that law.  Why can’t we add anything to Jesus Christ for salvation?  Why would it be impossible for you to be saved if any part of your salvation depended upon you? 
  3. From the very beginning, Satan has been disguising himself as an angel of light trying to deceive and lead people away from Christ. It is not surprising then, that the greatest threat to the church would come from within; wolves disguising themselves as believers, subtly twisting the truth of the gospel.  Our defense is to know the truth of the gospel and not be led astray by the crafty and subtle lies of the enemy.  
    Do you know the gospel well enough to discern truth from a lie?  What is the gospel?  What are some ways that people add to the gospel; what are subtle ways people add to the work of Jesus Christ?  What are some ways that people subtract from the Gospel? 
  4. Paul says that whoever preaches a twisted gospel, contrary to the truth, will be damned. This is very strong language!  Why do you think Paul’s strong response to these false teachers is not only appropriate but also necessary?  Why should we as Christians similarly stand very firmly and very confidently for the truth?  What do you think the Apostle Paul would say to a Christian who says, Jesus Christ is good for me, but I’m not sure He is good for everyone.
  5. Paul says that he seeks the approval of God and not man. “If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Think about the way you live your life. If someone were to watch and observe how you lived, day and night for one week, what evidence would show them that you seek to please God and not men?  What evidence would show them the opposite?  What does this tell you about the way you are living your life?

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