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An Introduction to the Book of Luke

March 14, 2021 Preacher: Dan Wong Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 1:1–4

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Discussion Questions 

  1. Luke was a gentile who did not grow up under the Jewish law or traditions.  How do you think Luke’s “gentile perspective” might influence his gospel and how might this influence your understanding of the Gospel of Luke?
  2. One of the biggest misconceptions about Christianity is that it is a blind faith - that you have to believe without reason, without data, without historical record - just believe and check your mind at the door.  Is faith inconsistent with truth, rational thought, and history?  How do the first four verses of Luke’s gospel help to dispel such notions?  
  3. Throughout the Gospel of Luke, the author seeks to show his readers how the entirety of Scripture is about Jesus Christ.  Why is it better for us that the Bible is not just a book on how to improve your marriage, or how to raise good children, or how to reach your ultimate potential, but rather, the Bible is about the glory of God revealed through His Son Jesus Christ?
  4. When reading the Scriptures, why is it important that your first question is, “what does this passage teach me about my God?”, followed by, “how does this inform me on how I am to live?”  Why is the order of these two questions important?
  5. In writing his Gospel, Luke references “those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and ministers of the word”.   Luke was very careful to link what he wrote to what was originally proclaimed.  Why is it important for today’s preachers to stick to the same old faith, and the same old gospel, and the same old Word of God and the same old Jesus that the first century church held to?  In this sense, is the word “old” a good thing or bad? 
  6. Luke’s purpose in writing his gospel was to provide assurance to his readers about what they had been taught about Jesus Christ.  A Christian without absolute assurance in his/her hope in Christ, is prone to “diversify” that hope into other things besides Jesus. But a Christian cannot live with “one foot in and one foot out” in terms of his/her faith. Based on the first four verses of Luke, how can a Christian ensure that he/she is “all in”?  How can the Christian be assured of the hope they have been called to?

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