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The Birth of John Foretold

March 21, 2021 Preacher: Dan Wong Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 1:5–17

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Discussion Questions 

  1. Zechariah and Elizabeth honored God for who He is, rather than for what He could give to them. Their lack of children did not sour their devotion to the Lord.  Every person, including the righteous, will face heartache and difficulty in this life.  How do you think Zechariah and Elizabeth were able to maintain their devotion?  How can we ensure that trials and difficulty do not hamper or quench our devotion to the Lord?
  2. Throughout Scripture, we see that when things seem to be at their darkest, God causes light to shine through.  Why is it important for us to remember that God often shows His greatest might when things seem to be at their worst?  What are some other Biblical examples of this?  Why do we sometimes doubt that God is in control during our dark times?
  3. The angel of the Lord appears to Zechariah and tells him “Do not be afraid, Zechariah, for your prayer has been heard”  How long do you think Zechariah and Elizabeth were praying for a child?  What does this tell you about the patience required in prayer?  How long should you be praying for something?  Typically, how long do you pray for something?
  4. When the angel appears, Zechariah experiences great fear.  He is not alone. Throughout Scripture we are shown that when humanity comes into the presence of the Divine, we are made to feel God’s greatness and we are made to feel our utter inadequacy, weakness, and sin.  How should this inform us about our own interactions with the Divine?  Do you approach God as your ‘bro’ or do you recognize Him truly as God?  Why does this matter?
  5. The angel tells Zechariah that his son John will be “great before the Lord.”  John wore camel’s hair, ate locusts and honey, and his life ended when he was thrown in jail and beheaded.  How do you think John’s greatness differs from the world’s definition of greatness?  Which kind of greatness do you desire for yourself and for your children?  How does your life, the way you live, reflect this desire?


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