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Bigger is Not Better

December 11, 2022 Preacher: Dan Wong Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 12:13–21

Click here for the sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on by yourself, with your family, or with your small group.

Discussion Questions

  1. In our passage this week, one of Jesus’ listeners tells the Lord to use His authority to divide his inheritance with his brother. In your opinion, do you think this person has been listening to anything Jesus has been preaching about? What does this person’s demand reveal about what is of utmost importance in his heart?
  2. Are things like money, inheritances, and possessions inherently bad?  What is covetousness and why does Jesus warn His followers against it?
  3. How can covetousness sneak into our daily lives without us noticing?  What are some practical ways we can guard against becoming covetous?
  4. What is the danger in believing that all your possessions have come from your own hand, your own hard work, your own skill, your own intellect?  How does a proper understanding of the source of our wealth and possessions help guard against covetousness?
  5. What do you think it means to be “rich toward God?”  Finish this sentence: “The opposite of being rich toward God, is being rich toward _________.”  If your friends and peers were to describe you, would they say you were rich toward God or rich toward __________?  Why?

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