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The Tragedy and Offense of Wasted Privilege

November 19, 2023 Preacher: Dan Wong Series: Luke

Passage: Luke 20:9–18

Click here for the sermon discussion questions or see them listed below. We highly encourage you to listen, think, and talk about the sermon. These are questions you can reflect on by yourself, with your family, or with your small group.


Discussion Questions


  1. In your own words, explain Jesus’ parable about the landowner and tenant farmers (for help, see Isaiah 5:1-7).  

  2. For the first century Jew who understood the relationship between a landowner and tenant farmer, what would they find strange about this parable?  (for help, think about where the balance of power lies between the landowner and tenant)  Although the parable might appear odd and unrealistic, what point is Jesus trying to make?

  3. In the parable, the landowner finally sends his beloved son to the tenants who summarily kill him because they believe in doing so, they will inherit the land.  Why do you think the tenants would have such an absurd thought?  Explain how all sin can lead to a person doing stupid things and ultimately their downfall.

  4. In what ways do you think God continues to send His messengers to a lost world today?  How do people receive His message and why do you think they respond this way?

  5. Most people like to focus on Jesus’ kindness, patience, mercy and long suffering, and rightly so.  Why is it also loving and gracious, but at the same time very difficult, to warn unbelievers that Jesus is also a stone that will break into pieces and crush everyone who rejects Him?

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